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Advertising offer at the Poznań Main Bus Station

L.p. Type of carrier Localization Size Rent (net fee value) Picture
1 Poster frame Ticket offices A3

PLN 350 net fee value per month

In the case of renting more poster frames,
a 10% discount for the second
and subsequent/further frames

2 Pylon Terminal outside
the station premises
1,12m (width) x 2,00 m (height)

PLN 550 net fee value per month

(single wall)

3 Advertising glass-case the station premises 1,1m (width) x 1,75m (height)

PLN 500 net fee value per month

4 Distribution of leaflets among passengers The station premises
and terminal

PLN 100 net fee value per day

5 Sales and promotional campaign

Individual valuation for each client